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James Fosina

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Jim Fosina has spent much of his career as a thought leader, business builder & operations expert. He has a keen sense of the challenges that marketers face and the path to not only achieve success but dominate a market sector. Jim has a legacy of working with and being of service to top tier business owners and leaders. He has spent over 15 years as CEO of Fosina Marketing Group in helping organizations with the likes of Kraft Foods, Nestle, Save the Children, AARP, Scholastic, World Book, EagleMoss, AMC, Highlights for Children, Disney, NPP, Hearst, Conde Nast, Gwynnie Bee, Rodale & many more achieve their specific goals & objectives in the highly competitive direct to consumer marketplace. Jim provides powerful insight and context to his client's challenges that are highly relevant and actionable. His passion, determination and sense of responsibility for solving a client's problems cost effectively & efficiently truly distinguishes this leader from many of his peers. He refuses to lose. Five years ago, Jim and his wife Marina launched their own Subscription Coffee business based on his keen understanding of what it takes to build and grow a business of this kind. Since its launch, Amora has acquired over 600,000 customers for this direct to consumer subscription coffee brand. The company continues to grow rapidly as it expand its reach & engagement with customers profitably. Jim understands the need for leaders to set an example for their team & in their marketplace. He continues to play an instrumental role in developing the next generation of business leaders thru his extensive Board tenure and service to Junior Achievement. Jim sets such a great example to his colleagues, employees and peers in his unwavering dedication to supporting the Juvenile Arthritis Foundation. Jim is a thought leader, trusted partner with a legacy of success rare to find in our marketplace. His passion, work ethic and determination to always do what is right is unquestionable.

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  • Only The Decisive Will Thrive in Marketing Daily on 12/21/2017

    Today's leaders must be ready to pivot, be innovative, creative and passionate about the challenges we all face.

  • If You Have Built It, They MIGHT Eventually Come in Marketing Insider on 10/04/2017

    Born after the mid-1990s till early 2000s, Generation Z is the first "digitally native" group to grow up not knowing a world before cellphones, smartphones and other digital devices. But a National Retail Federation study found that 67% of Generation Z shops in a brick-and-mortar store most of the time with another 31% shopping in-store sometimes, indicating that 98% of Gen Z shops in store.

  • Non-profits MUST Improve Their Marketing Efforts Now in Marketing: Causes on 07/19/2017

    The year is 2017. Let's make sure that we have adjusted the way in which we approach marketing challenges based on the reality of media consumption patterns. The strategies and tactics that we used in the last decade have truly become obsolete. The way in which consumers conduct research, share ideas and preferences and make purchasing decisions has changed dramatically.

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