Twitter Curbs Abusive Behavior

Twitter is succeeding in its efforts to curb trolls and other abusive users, the social giant announced on Thursday.

“While there is still much work to be done, people are experiencing significantly less abuse on Twitter today than they were six months ago,” Ed Ho, general manager of consumer product and engineering at Twitter, notes in a new blog post.

Year-over-year, Twitter is now taking action on 10 times the number of abusive accounts every day, according to Ho.

The platform is also limiting account functionality or placing suspensions on thousands more abusive accounts each day.

Regarding repeat offenders who create new accounts after being suspended for violations, Ho said his team has removed twice the number such accounts, over the past four months.

Additionally, accounts that demonstrate abusive behavior are now limited for a time, which is producing results.

In fact, accounts put into this period of limited functionality generate 25% fewer abuse reports. Approximately 65% of these accounts are in this state just once, per Ho.

Showing new signs of life, Twitter recently reported strong user growth during the first quarter of 2017. The social giant said it added about 9 million new users -- making it the biggest quarterly bump in years. Analysts were pleasantly surprised by the rise.

Y-O-Y, average monthly active users jumped 6% from 319 million to 328 million, during the first quarter. Among other factors, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey attributed the rebound to better policing of trolls, bullies and other bad actors.

“We are seeing a significant decrease in the number of people experiencing abuse on Twitter,” Dorsey told investors on an April earnings call. Twitter is also doing a better job of rolling out new products and meeting the needs of average users, he added.

After leaving Twitter in 2011, cofounder Biz Stone recently returned to the company on a full-time basis.

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