Trump May Hate Journalism, But The News Business Is Booming

TV journalism is “sick,” according to President Trump. But what about the advertisers supporting it? Trump hasn’t identified this as a concern.

President Trump called all journalists “sick people,” which we assume includes this publication. “These are really, really dishonest people,” he said. “And they are bad people.” (By which he means he gets angry when the press, fulfilling its constitutional charge, acts as a watchdog and speaks truth to power.)

He didn’t go into specifics. Still, we can imagine stuff.

Writing about media and advertising in relation to the Trump Administration — and the presidential campaign — has had its issues.

In his sweeping generalization, journalists covering the aerospace industry, regional sports in Iowa, or a city council meeting in Utah are all condemned. Did he say otherwise? Words, words, words.

Looking at the big picture, national TV advertising has been sucking wind of late — which I guess is not a presidential issue. But there is no depressed state among cable TV news networks. Ad revenues and viewership are still climbing.



Of course, all this business activity is often kickstarted by the dramatic, head-scratching behavior of the Trump Administration. Perhaps Trump needs to run more TV commercials to explain stuff.

The more Trump speaks, the more TV news networks gain viewers. Other fringe media outlets, perhaps on “many sides,” would seem be getting that attention — although perhaps not advertisers.

President Trump should appreciate how successful this particular part of the TV network business has been — especially in light of digital media's upward trajectory.     

Still, are cable news advertisers the next target of outrage for Trump? It seems everyone from Republicans to Democrats to journalists have been in his sights. Who is left?

Maybe he is just jealous — at least about the TV advertising piece. Remember during the Republican presidential debates when he demanded a piece of the advertising revenues from CNN — as if he was a producer, or talent attached to a scripted/reality show?

And that begs the question: Why does he continue to attack the media? Because it delivers content for him to watch on TV — and it stirs emotions among his supporters, who may be major TV news viewers.

On many sides.

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  1. Jonathan Hutter from Northern Light Health, August 31, 2017 at 2:29 p.m.

    He doesn't hate the media at all. He loves it. He loves for people to see the stories and blame the media for any negativity. It all washes off him. Without that media, he's nothing, and he has no way to reach his base. You think people would come to his rallies if there wasn't an enemy to rally against? He needs the failing NY Times and lying CNN. 

    What he really hates is anything that pushes him off the front page. Like hurricanes, policy, and serious work. 

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