Thumbs Up But Pinkies Down In New Underwood Canned Wine Campaign

Union Wine Company and creative agency Swift are promoting the Oregon-based wine maker's Underwood line of canned wines by capitalizing on the brand's most recognizable asset: its iconic block logo.

The new "Inside Every Can" campaign supports established offerings such as Pinot Noir and Rosé with “scenes within scenes” creative imagery. The ads show the cans silhouetted against a backdrop such as a pool and a riverbank. The nine-letter Underwood mark is replaced by a word or phrase that is designed to capture the brand’s “Pinkies Down” mantra and the spirit of summer through messages “Oh Hell Yes,” “The Reward,” and “Happy Hour.”

Another ad for the limited-edition Riesling Radler wine cooler transforms the Underwood mark into the phrase “Summer Win.”

The campaign will appear on Union Wine’s website and social channels, including Instagram and Facebook.

Union Wine Company first introduced the Oregon-grown Underwood canned wines in 2014.



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