Facebook Provides Rights Management To Protect Video Content

In an effort to offer more ways to access its rights manager capabilities, Facebook announced several new third-party integrations on Tuesday.

Three service providers -- Friend MTS, MarkMonitor, and ZEFR -- are integrating with Facebook’s rights manager API to provide rights management as a service.

“We want to give rights owners access to rights manager in the ways that make the most sense for their business,” Xiaoyin Qu, a product manager at Facebook, notes in a new blog post.

The social giant launched its rights manager to help rights owners protect their video content at scale, last year. At present, rights owners can use rights manager through Facebook’s page publishing tools and by integrating their applications with rights manager via the API.

Late last year, Facebook was reportedly facing pressure from music labels to police copyrighted content on its platform. In response, the company was believed to be developing a copyright identification system akin to YouTube’s Contend ID.



Once the system is implemented, Facebook will then work in partnership with top labels to flesh out a licensing deal so users can still share copyrighted content.

Such a deal could certainly be lucrative for big labels.

By monetizing user-uploaded content through Content ID, YouTube has generated more than $2 billion for rights-holders, according to a report released by Google over the summer.

While 98% of all copyright management on YouTube takes place through Content ID, more than 90% of claims result in monetization, Google found.

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