2 New Mags Target Female Cannabis Fans

If you’re like me, you’ve probably wondered about the lack of print magazines targeting female cannabis fans, as opposed to more gender-neutral publications, like High Times. There are magazines for women who enjoy fashion, food, wine, crafting and travel — all compatible with cannabis.

So why not one celebrating the wide, likely weird world of women who love weed?

Why not two? Fall 2017 brings the launch of two new magazines for female cannabis enthusiasts — Broccoli, focused on art and culture, and Gossamer, a high-end lifestyle publication covering topics including food and travel.

The launch of Broccoli, noted by both and Fashionista, is especially interesting because the three-times-yearly magazine is offered free of charge, with support from brand sponsors. According to its Web site, Broccoli “explores and shapes modern stoner culture by looking at cannabis through an art, culture and fashion lens.” 



The first issue of Broccoli, an 80-page perfect-bound volume, includes features on subjects such as “weed ikebana,” the Japanese art of flower arranging updated to incorporate cannabis leaves, and a collection of profiles of leading women in Portland’s legal marijuana industry.

The first issue will ship by November 30 and is available for pre-order online.

Gossamer, described on its Web site as a magazine “for people who also smoke weed,” launches with cofounders Verena von Pfetten, formerly digital editor at Lucky, and David Weiner, former Chief Creative Officer at Digg.

The publication, whose first issue includes a feature on “how to roll a sensible joint” will publish digital newsletters and a twice-yearly print product. Gossamer’s founders expect revenues to flow from commercial partnerships, physical products and retail.

As more states legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational use, the last few years have seen a wave of new digital and print publications for cannabis enthusiasts of all stripes, as well as business publications devoted to the industry.

The list of more recent launches includes The Clever Root, a quarterly magazine about the world of “growables;” Civilized, which aims to “elevate” marijuana culture or whatever; and Merry Jane, an online publication launched with support from Snoop Dogg.

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