We Do Solemnly Swear To Faithfully Blog About Politics, Again!

Nearly six months after we put Marketing Politics Daily on hiatus, we’re bringing it back, albeit in a weekly format.

Needless to say, MediaPost has and will continue to cover important, relevant, breaking news about the intersection of Madison & Pennsylvania Avenues, but for the foreseeable future, we will do our best to consolidate the weekly sum-up of news, commentary, aggregation and a few special features and analyses along the way.

As a trade journalist who first began covering political marketing in the early 1980s, I can’t think of a more dynamic, tumultuous, high-stakes and newsworthy time to dive deeply into the connection of advertising, media, marketing, technology and politics.

Not just in terms of the marketing of political candidates, policies and issues, but also how they, in turn, influence the policies and regulations of the advertising and media business. 

I apologize in advance if you feel like you’ve already had your fill. We will do our best to ensure we publish only the most relevant insights and news that could have bearing on your business. 

If you have any news, tips, ideas or commentaries you’d like to share, please contact



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