'Politico,' ICM Team For Cross-Platform Political Extensions

Politico has been going strong lately with a steady number of digital readers and a new sense of urgency behind its work, following a tumultuous election cycle and deeply polarized political climate.


Now, the political journalism outlet is gearing up for a new partnership with talent agency ICM, hoping to deepen the work it produces and reach new audiences.

Five years ago, Politico launched its own brand initiative that went beyond political reporting. Women Rule, a community of influential women devoted to expanding leadership opportunities for other women, followed by the Women Rule Summit, produced in partnership with Google and the Tory Burch Foundation, is a success. It has been going strong since 2013.

Alexis Williams, vice president Politico Live, stated of Women Rule: "Leaders, and those aspiring to lead, look to Women Rule to inform, empower and connect them with people who are passionate about creating greater opportunities for women and the insights to make it happen." Women Rule's most recent podcast featured Martha Raddatz, ABC News’ chief global affairs correspondenttalking about the journalist’s role as a political watchdog. 



Based on the success of the WR endeavor, Politico decided to go deeper, developing its media brand across various platforms. 

That’s where ICM comes in.  

By partnering with ICM, Politico hopes to build its name through collaborations with ICM partners, while also helping to continue the growth of the agency’s first political department and further support the Women Rule initiative.

ICM and Politico plan to prioritize Women Rule with more events, podcasts and other initiatives that will include ICM clients and industry executives.

Per Politico, ICM will devise ways to match Politico’s journalism and content with story-telling opportunities across film, documentaries and investigative journalism. The agency will also curate Politico’s past content, recycling those pieces that are relevant and marketable.

Other publishers have also created innovate ways to bring in much-needed revenue, aside from advertising. For example, last year’s inaugural Teen Vogue Summit is already gearing up for a second round. Its connected readers at meet ups across the country prior to the main event.

Or, consider the success of BuzzFeed’s daily Twitter show "AM to DM," which features hosts Isaac Fitzgerald and Saeed Jones interviewing a stream of thinkers and celebrities live on the social-media platform.

It’s not only beneficial, but necessary for publishing brands to branch out. 

While powerhouse publishers are finding new ways to utilize talent, this alliance may be an avenue for smaller or independent outlets looking to extend their brands.

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