'Deadspin' Hires First Female Editor In Chief, Megan Greenwell

Megan Greenwell will become the first female editor-in-chief at Deadspin, and the brand’s fifth editor.

She succeeds Tim Marchman, who was promoted to Gizmodo Media’s editorial executive team last December to serve as head of special projects.

Most recently, Greenwell was executive features editor at Esquire, where she oversaw the magazine’s digital narrative journalism program. She has previously held senior roles at ESPN Magazine, New York and The Washington Post.



Marksman had served as editor of Deadspin, then a part of Gawker Media Group, since 2015.

All of Gawker Media Group’s brands, save for flagship Gawker.com, were acquired by Univision in 2016 and renamed Gizmodo Media Group. Gizmodo Media also oversees Earther, Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Jezebel, Kotaku, Lifehacker, The Root and Splinter. Only two of those brands (Jalopnik and Kotaku) have male editor-in-chiefs now.

In a note to staff, Gizmodo Media’s editorial director Susie Banikarim wrote: “Megan is a true storyteller with brilliant ideas and a long track record of amplifying unique and diverse voices. She comes to GMG with deep and varied journalism experience and a career built on doing what Deadspin already does better than anyone else in sports: telling stories others can’t or won’t.”

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