'She's My Daughter': Samsung Taps Pride Of A Father, Nation, Too

Samsung wasted little time leveraging its endorsement relationship with Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim, including a sentimental video showing a montage of the 17-year-old Korean American training in her youth and competing as a champion with her father's voice-over intoning, "She's my daughter."

The video, posted and shared by Kim to her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers, evokes her Olympic spirit, states Alex Chang, head of partnership marketing at Samsung Electronics America.

“We felt the best way to support the Olympic spirit was by telling the inspiring stories of Olympians," he explains, adding, "These aren’t just amazing athletes, they’re amazing people. Olympians like Chloe and Gus Kenworthy — one of our other Team Galaxy members — face barriers in life, but through perseverance and determination they can overcome them and achieve the impossible. This is a true embodiment of the ‘Do What You Can’t’ spirit of Samsung and we’re proud to support them and all Olympians."



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  1. Joe Mandese from MediaPost, February 14, 2018 at 8:22 p.m.

    What you said: because she's of Korean descent and she won the gold in Korea. If she was a German American and she won it in Germany, we would have made note of that. As an Italian American, I am proud of my Italian heritage, and would have no problem if someone pointed that out if I ever win a gold medal in Italy.

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