Niche Publisher Agri-Pulse Adopts Matrix Solutions' Monarch Ad Sales Platform

Agri-Pulse Communications, Inc., a Washington-D.C.-based publisher of farm and rural policy, has adopted Matrix Solutions’ Monarch CRM platform to boost revenue and potential audience at its niche publications.

When it comes to niche publishing, an outlet’s ability to reach its target advertisers is extremely important, with fewer opportunities. Monarch CRM gives Agri-Pulse access to revenue reports that provide it with actionable insights to know when it's made crucial connection.

The platform also alerts the outlet when it should follow-up with a potential advertiser.

Allan Johnson, vice president, marketing director at Agri-Pulse, stated: “Monarch will provide us with greater transparency into our data while also automating many of our sales tasks ... to help us significantly grow our sales moving forward.”



The platform provides tools like intelligent alerts, data cards, digital-specific integrations, reporting and analytics and a budget module tailored to the media industry.

“It’s about moving the right inventory to the right advertiser, and niche publications require a very specific approach as only certain advertisers will be interested in your options to reach a specific readership,” Mark Gorman, CEO of Matrix Solutions, told Publishers Daily.

The platform is “able to pull and aggregate data across the entire ad sales ecosystem to offer a holistic view into what sales strategies are working and which ones aren’t,” says Gorman, resulting in more revenue.

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