Belize Launches First Advocacy Tourism Project

To further pivot away from traditional tourism ad approaches--like white sandy beaches and quirky interactions with locals--the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and its agency ICF Olson are partnering with The World Wildlife Fund, to create The Sister Reef Project a campaign to raise awareness and money for the world’s two largest barrier reefs: the Belize Barrier Reef and the Great Barrier Reef along Australia.

This campaign, running through March 29, invites U.S. travelers to visit and make a donation to the online fundraiser. Every $5 donation can be applied to purchase credits that will allow them to enter a chance to win one of 40 Belize packages. 

However, in an unusual twist, "because the reef promises the unexpected, the prizes will be too—all listed items will initially be hidden and will be unlocked as individual donations occur," says an agency spokesperson. 



This means people bid on unknown packages that range from airline tickets and private culinary experiences to diving and caving tours without knowing what they may receive. All funds will go toward WWF to support its reef conservation efforts in both Belize and Australia.

"Belizeans know the importance of a healthy reef and many rely on it for their livelihood. Our economy is built on tourism, with reef-related tourism and fisheries supporting about 190,000 people," says Karen Bevans, director, tourism, BTB. "That's why Belizeans across the country—from hotels, tour operators, restaurants and more—are coming together and donating what valuable goods and services they can to support this effort."

To view auction items, visit

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