Google: No Quick Fix For Sites Dropping In Rank From Core Search Algorithm Update

Google spends a lot more time these days detailing why pages rise or fall in the search query rankings, and on Monday confirmed that that it released a broad core algorithm update last week, which the company says occurs “routinely several times per year.”

Overall, the company says, it usually releases one or more changes daily to improve search results. It may cause sites and pages to gain or lose their place in the ranking. 

Some believe there might be something wrong with pages that no longer perform as well or perform better than they did prior to the change.

The changes to Google’s systems cause some pages to benefit and others to falter. Some benefit that were previously under-rewarded and some falter that were previously over-rewarded. If the site loses its ranking, Google says there's nothing companies can do to fix the fall. 

“There’s no “fix” for pages that may perform less well other than to remain focused on building great content,” wrote Google’s @searchliason in a Twitter tweet, suggesting that over time companies can work to improve the content that will enable the site to rise to the top of the results. 



One of Google's daily algorithm changes affected advertisers that use AdWords to advertise cryptocurrency-related businesses. 

During the weekend, some advertisers that used Google AdWords to promote cryptocurrency-related businesses reported a drop in their ad views. Another report suggested that Google was “quietly purging cryptocurrency ads” and suspending accounts.

It’s difficult to say whether the two are connected. Search Insider reached out to Google about companies saying their accounts were closed, but received no response.

One report suggests that cryptocurrency-based AdWords campaigns are sometimes defined as “limited,” which means they are approved but will not serve in search results based on keywords for certain age groups, regions, or devices.

It may not be the Financial Services regulations that block the cryptocurrency or ICO-related advertisements, but rather the change in the board core algorithm update or another update that Google says it performs once daily. But that would not explain why some of the accounts were shuttered, if they indeed were.


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