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Grass Is Getting Greener For This Cannabis Marketer


As cannabis goes, in a lot of states — and Canada and Germany — it’s smoke it if you got it. In digital media, though, pot advertising is just a lot of stems and seeds. Some sites and social media places, particularly Google and Facebook, don’t allow marijuana advertising. 

For marketers, that’s a bummer. 

So several specific weed marketing companies, like Bang Digital Media, are trying to serve a growing, but tricky, market. On Monday, Denver-based Bang announced a deal with International Cannabrands, which acquired rights to the JuJu Royal brand. 

Bang was hired to provide digital strategy, content creation and social media management for JuJu, a pot product that has some pedigree: JuJu is the nickname for Julian Marley, song of famed reggae singer and cannabis evangelist Bob Marley, and it’s Julian’s personal brand. 



On top of the ability to help market cannabis products online, Bang claims some expertise on an even higher plain. “Most recently, we have been instrumental in developing the online presence of the International Church of Cannabis in Denver — proving we are able to succeed at the nexus of religion and cannabusiness,” said Steve Berke, CEO of Bang Digital Media as the company announced the deal. 

That’s a relevant accomplishment for Marley, apparently. JuJu’s various brands include Heavenly Heights. (And also Lions Domain and Jungle Cheese.)

“Julian Marley is a deeply spiritual man and a devout Rastafari,”  noted Jeffrey Britz, CEO for International Cannabrands. “Therefore, it was important for us to find a partner who respects the Rastafarian culture. We believe that Bang Digital Media is the perfect fit as they have a deep understanding of cannabis use as a sacrament. They approach their business in a way that reflects the true values of Julian Marley and the JuJu Royal brand.”

It may seem like a novelty now, but the legal cannabis business is potent. A recent report from Ameri Research says the global legal market for weed was valued at $14.6 billion in 2016 and it expects CAGR growth of just over 21% between 2017 and 2024, to $63.5 billion.

JuJu Royal claims to be a “line of naturally produced medicinal herbs using the best solventless technology.” It says 1% of its proceeds are distributed for the benefit of veterans using cannabis through the Weed for Warriors Project.

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