Rolex Watches And New Company Perks: Fingerpaint Celebrates In Style

Well here’s an agency that knows how to celebrate an anniversary in style. I’m talking about Fingerpaint (never paint by the numbers!).

The shop — with offices in Saratoga Springs, NY, Columbus, Ohio, the Philadelphia area and Scottsdale, Arizona — flew about 200 staffers out to a fancy resort in Scottsdale recently to celebrate its 10th anniversary over a four-day boondoggle.

OK, maybe the Scottsdale folks didn’t get much of a change in scenery, but they don’t really need it, living in that warm, beautiful part of the country. And I’m sure all the Northerners loved getting away from their still-wintery locales for a break.

Of course, there was a requisite amount of “team building” and related corporate blah-blah to go along with the fun stuff like golf (for some), mountain biking and other recreational activities (like rigorous elbow-bending).

And a few employees received some big-time booty. I’m talking Rolex watches — for service “above and beyond” as the agency put it. I’m assuming they’re the real deal and not like the “Rolex” I bought in New York’s Chinatown awhile back which cost $20 (and lasted about 20  minutes).



And those watches were awarded after relatively short tenures — eight years. Those staffers (all women) must really be kicking ass and taking names on behalf of the agency.

The publishing business could take a lesson from Fingerpaint on the proper way to reward employees. I once worked for a trade pub where a guy slaved his whole career and then retired. This goes back a few years, but not that far back. His going away gift? A meal at an Italian restaurant one grade above a pizza joint (it wasn’t terrible) and a portable black-and-white TV set.

The editor thought he largely took up space and truth be told, he wasn’t the most productive journalist to grace God’s green Earth. But a black-and-white TV set?

Anyway, back to Fingerpaint. The total price tag for this junket was nearly $600,000. The shop must be doing pretty well. It also revealed some new companywide perks, including a big bump in the firm’s 401K contribution, a new student loan payback assistance program and summer hours. OK, that last one’s pretty much the norm in Adland, but still.

Agency founder Ed Mitzen had a lot to say during the festivities, and here’s just one quote: “Fingerpaint has always made it a point to foster a people-first culture. Just like a family would come together to celebrate a birthday, we wanted to ensure our entire team — from all offices — was in one place to celebrate what we have built and what we will continue to build, together.”

Congratulations, Fingerpainters. Ed, maybe for the 20th year celebration, go somewhere like Maui so the Scottsdale folks can feel like they’re getting away, too. Assuming you don’t have an office there by then.   

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