Trusted Media Brands Shows Record Digital Numbers For 'Readers Digest,' 'Family Handyman' Sites

Trusted Media Brands, home to Taste of Home, Reader's Digest, and The Family Handyman, among other brands, has regularly seen its digital numbers on the rise. A March report shows record performance for, and the

Additionally, the March numbers place Trusted Media Brands among the top 30 out of 1,800 digital lifestyle networks, with 56.4 million unique viewers in that month. This signals an increase of 18.7% from the same period last year. 

The report also shows that four out five consumers are using their mobile devices to reach the Trusted Media Brands Digital network. 

Several of Trusted Media Brands digital and print properties showed particularly meaningful growth. 

According to the comScore report,’s UVs increased by 58.2% in March 2018 from the same period in 2017, reaching 6.7 million. This increase marked the highest among other competitive brands in the home and lifestyle category.



The latest Magazine Media 360° report notes Reader’s Digest is among the top 10 magazine brands and is also in the top 10 for mobile growth, which was up +100% in March. saw an increase of 10.5% from last year with 4.9 million UVs in March, while showed a 28.9% increase from last year, reaching 14.5 million UVs, per comScore.’s increase is among the highest in relation to other competitive brands. The Taste of Home Group reached over 46 million UVs, becoming one of the top five brands in comScore’s food category, seeing an increase of 26.1%.

Trusted Media Brands’s Haven Home Media group became No. 1 in comScore’s home category as it reached 30.1 million UVs, which indicated an 11.9% increase from last year. 

Vince Errico, Chief Digital Officer, stated the company would continue to "invest in the high-quality, trusted content ... that excite, inspire and inform our rapidly growing digital audiences."

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