Bloomberg Launches New Content Hub On Health Care

A month after Bloomberg organized its Wealth, Economics, Deals and Opinion content into new hubs on its redesigned website, Bloomberg has unveiled today another content hub focused on the coverage of health care.

Called Prognosis, the new hub joins a group of new sections that also includes Crypto, Hyperdrive and Climate Changed. Prognosisis is a dashboard of news on the business of health care, centered around the business of drugs, medical innovation and health, augmented by data-driven graphics.

Prognosis covers global big pharma, biotech, generics, biopharma, health and tech, VC/investors, insurers, hospitals, drug stores and government programs. The launch was inspired by the same thinking behind Hyperdrive, which covers the future of transportation: both areas are “businesses disrupted by technology and science.”



Prognosis is an effort to elevate our coverage of health care and grab the reader by the lapels and explain to them and show them how health and health care sectors are being transformed,” John Fraher, senior executive editor at Bloomberg, told Publishers Daily.

He cited growing interest in gene-editing technology CRISPR, and Amazon moving into the health insurance space in the U.S.

Bloomberg has about 20 health-care reporters and editors worldwide that will contribute to the new hub.
Prognosis will focus on health care through the “lens of money,” which will be the “unique differentiating factor” of the hub's coverage, Fraher said. Content is aimed at global investors interested in new health-care technologies and investment opportunities, who can read up on billionaires investing in the space, and those who have lost money.

Prognosis — and the other new content hubs — are about converging multiple industries under one roof, said Jared Sandberg, senior executive editor of Bloomberg Digital.

Newsrooms are “not always formed to address readership interest adequately enough,” he said. Bloomberg’s redesign and content hubs make the site more navigable. An article scrolls into the section where it lives, and a reader can find more editorial related to that story.

“We do view an article almost like a section front, and we do think about recirculation,” Sandberg previously told PD. New features and functionality will come to these hubs “down the road,” he added.

Sales teams at Bloomberg are working on finding brands to partner with on these hubs, which align well with sponsorship opportunities, Sandberg said.

Bloomberg also unveiled the feature of its latest Businessweek issue today: a story on the return of the women’s libido drug Addyi.

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