Consumers Want Stronger Government Privacy Rules: Study

Consumers are getting edge about privacy — 89% feel companies are not doing to protect it, and 78% want the U.S. government to adopt stricter standards. But 60% don’t know what GDPR is, according to the 2018 Digital Advertising Trend Survey by Choozle.

In addition, 43% have negative feelings about advertisements -- up from 34% last year. Their biggest complaints are seeing the same ad multiple times (25%) and ads slowing down the webpage (19%).

Contrary to hype, 72% do not prefer video ads over other  types of advertisements.

In another possible surprise, 41% are still most likely to click on an ad on their desktop computers, vs. 45% who prefer their mobile devices.

The study also found:

  • 54% consider Facebook the most influential platform, compared with 44% for Google, 28% for Spotify, 24% for Pandora and 23% for Instagram.
  • 54% have not used an ad blocker in the past six months

Choozle, the provider of a programmatic advertising platform, surveyed 506 U.S. consumers.




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  1. Sean Wyseman from several, July 11, 2018 at 4:07 p.m.

    Online video ads that are force on us are worse than MSM ads which we can at least mute with a remote. I've taking to closing the tab completely if I don't like the ad. No digital content is so important to me that I can't just nuke anything I don't like. There's tons more out there that are covering stories that it's unnecessary to give any advertising a chance to waste my time. Also I write my own ad blockers that fool the ads into thinking I've seen them but I never see any. The algorithm is undectable by ad blockers because it pretends to set cookies and acts just like it's displayed. But I never see them. 

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