Emojis Score With Mobile Users

To the chagrin of copywriters everywhere, new data suggests that emojis are engaging consumers more effectively than the English language alone.

In a recent test by Leanplum, the mobile-marketing platform observed an 81% lift in open rates -- and a 363% lift in revenue -- from emoji-equipped messages.

More specifically, emails with emojis are opened 66% more than emails without emojis, the firm found.

Push notifications with emojis are opened 254% more than push notifications without emojis, which represented a 300% increase compared to rates seen by Leanplum last year. 

Also, apps that use emojis experience 26% fewer uninstalls.

The effectiveness of emojis isn’t likely to surprise many marketers, however.

Indeed, after analyzing 300 million emails and push notifications, Leanplum found the average number of emojis used per marketing message — and the percentage of messages, including at least one emoji — doubled over past past year.

Why do emojis resonate so well with consumers?

“Emojis convey emotion and personality from brands, which help marketers deliver in-the-moment engagement,” Joyce Solano, senior vice president, global marketing, Leanplum, suggests in the new report.

Yet, not all findings support the use of more emojis as marketing messages. Last Black Friday, for example, messages without emojis had a 1.5 times higher conversion rate than those with them, according&nb sp;to ContactPigeon.

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  1. Saira Loce from AAA, August 12, 2018 at 8:54 a.m.

    Well, I'd say that emojis are super popular not only in marketing content - it’s widespread in every chat, SMS or e-mail we're sending daily, so using emojis in promotional marketing material is just obvious & logical action. But these numbers are just insane!! +81% to open rate and 363% in revenue - how cool and the same time easy is that? For sure I need to stick to emojis and gifs full content to my remarketing automation & push notifications coming months. I started outsourcing this kind of service with GetFirepush provider ( https://getfirepush.com/ ) and have to say that reacted growth to my conversion rate, so I have no doubts in its effectiveness. What's more I truly believe that personalization gives back much more that you invest, so it's essential getting to know your potential & existing customers. Perhaps you can suggest me related blogger or e-magazines? Will be very thankful for links or feedbacks!

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