Truth, Justice & The Not-So-Involved Way: How Comic Book Fans Index On Civic Engagement

Despite the superhero ethos of civic engagements, comic book superhero fans index below the average American when it comes to participating actively in civil, social or political issues. The insight, which comes from a special analysis Viant did leading up to Friday’s opening of Comic-Con 2018 in San Diego.

Viant, the ad technology and data division of Meredith Corp., analyzed millions of first-party data sets to understand how comic book fans indexed vs. non-comic book fans. Overall, the analysis found fans are 18% less likely to take an active role in civil, social or political issues.

Other key findings about comic book fans:

  • They are 10% less likely to attend a Political Rally, Speech, or Organized Protest of Any Kind

  • They are about 9% less likely to serve as an officer for some club or organization or on a committee for a local organization

  • Comic film fans are equally likely as non-fans to attend a public meeting on town or school affairs

The analysis also drills into various brand preference and marketing attributes that differentiate comic book fans from non-fans.

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