Correction: comScore Ranks CNN Brand Page Views Higher Than

In the Publishers Daily story “Fox News Site Tops CNN In Page Views” on July 18, 2018, it is more accurate to compare comScore data between “CNN Brand” and, rather than “” data, comScore representatives have clarified. As such, CNN Brand page views were higher than’s for the last three months.

CNN has split different sections of into separate entities on comScore, while all traffic to is included under the entity, representatives explained.



CNN Money, for example, lives on the URL (part of, but its traffic is not included in the entity.

However, other Fox News verticals live on separate URLs, not under Thus, they are under different entities in comScore's reporting, such as

The CNN Brand entity includes all traffic to the site; it would be the most comparable to traffic to, according to comScore.

*comScore has updated its findings to note: Comparing page view data to both and CNN Brand numbers is accurate, the company rep said. “We erred in inferring that it is ‘more accurate’ to compare to the CNN Brand. This statement was incorrect as both comparisons are valid.”

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