Clarification On, CNN Page Views: comScore Explains Accuracy Findings

There has been an update on comScore's response to the Publishers Daily story Fox News Site Tops CNN In Page Viewspublished July 18. An  earlier correction noted that it was more accurate to compare comScore data between “CNN Brand” and, rather than “” data.

However, comScore has since clarified its position, noting that it “violated its policy” by commenting on how its partners use its page view data. As such, a comScore spokesperson corrected the record: “We can only verify the accuracy of the data itself.”

Comparing page view data to both and CNN Brand numbers is accurate, the rep added. “We erred in inferring that it is 'more accurate' to compare to the CNN Brand.’ This statement was incorrect as both comparisons are valid.”

comScore is taking steps to “improve our procedures moving forward.”




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