Fandango's Ridgewell on why he loves email

Michael Ridgewell from Fandango on CRM, you have 30-90 days, from welcome to loyalty.

”I love email because it tells a really lovely story,” he says. On phone or desktop, there great ways to tell a really good story, and it is integrated and reinforces social. That real estate allows us to say here’s what Fandango can do to help you have a better experience.

In the CRM space, people speak about personalization but it’s so, so difficult to understand how I can personalize if I don’t have a complete profile of the consumer. This way I can reach, via email, more people.

To go beyond “buy now,” there are organic reasons to engage with consumers. You may have a high propensity for Marvel films, if you haven’t bought a ticket for Black Panther, I have a chance to sell you one.”

Personalizing beyond product affinity, how you engage with us as a consumer. If I know you enjoy our service through a Roku device, why not work with you on that platform.

Some theaters offer reserve seating, food, drinks, we can remind you of that fact. On a cellphone, I can target around Apple Pay, Android Pay, make sure information usable for you.

Allow consumer to engage with us through their channel of choice. Let people have choice between email, push and social.

When does journey really start? Could be not just when the trailer came out or when someone feels like seeing a movie. 

Setting expectations, hard one for me, Michael says. If you give me 12 months, I can run a longitudinal study ... but that may not work. Get expectations what KPI are important, socialize the results is very, very important.

The devil is in the details: Make sure the right message goes to right audience at right time given the technology we have today. 

In summation:

1. Put consumer first.
2. Keep it simple.
3. Define success.
4. Own the moment.
5. Be addictive, across all channels
6. Have a great team, process and infrastructure.

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