Busch To Send Beer Lovers Into National Forests For Contest

Busch beer is looking to engage beer lovers, and bring attention to a cause-related initiative, with a contest that’s a decided departure from the usual virtual marketing challenge.

Busch will mark 10 trees in forests from New York to Alaska with special medallions. 

Clues to the tree locations will be released on Busch’s social media beginning Sept. 18, and the first person to find one of the 10 markers and share the discovery will earn a full year's supply of Busch Beer.

The official contest page with details and rules will go live Sept. 13 on

The contest is part of a broader Busch initiative supporting the National Forest Foundation’s work to protect and sustain the 193 million acres of national forests. 



From September 3 through 31 this year, Busch will donate 1 cent of each sale of specially marked Outdoors cases (both Busch and Busch Light), up to $175,000, to the foundation. 

Busch notes that the NFF’s work to protect healthy forests and watersheds across the country not only preserves their use for the public, but also “contributes to high-quality beer by protecting sources of fresh, clean water -- a crucial ingredient in creating the refreshing flavor of Busch Beer.

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