Dana Wollman Named Editor In Chief, Engadget

After seven and a half years with Engadget, Dana Wollman has been named editor in chief of the publication. 

Prior to this appointment, Wollman served as Engadget’s laptop reviewer, managing editor and executive editor.

In a memo posted to thesite, Wollman wrote: “When I first joined the team in 2011, Engadget was a different place, and so was the technology scene we covered. I remember the urgency of those early days, dropping everything to cover topics that today seem quaint…

"Back then, we felt compelled to touch every single thing at CES (yes, even the bad stuff). Engadget was all about, well, gadgets, and gadgets at that time were mostly defined by their hardware.



Things have changed a lot, and so has Engadget. And we're not done yet.”

Wollman’s promotion comes as the outlet continues to expand across video, documentary and long-form investigative coverage. As Wollman notes in her memo, Engadget has also “widened its scope beyond gadgets to include robots, cars, AI, space, gaming, digital media, social media, cybersecurity, data privacy and tech policy.”

The outlet’s video coverage has expanded to include a daily show and a Webby-nominated documentary series. Additionally, the site has invested in its long-form coverage, which includes investigative features covering topics like abused Reddit moderators and data privacy.

“Nowadays, we spend a lot more of our time on news analysis and features that attempt to make sense of what can feel like a fast-moving and at times very iterative tech-news cycle:” Wollman wrote.

The site also launched its first Engadget Experience last year, offering readers an IRL exhibition of interactive art installations created from tech during the one-day event.

Engadget saw its audience in August increase by 42% year-over-year, as the site continues to grow.

Wollman concluded her memo, stating: "Our mission remains the same: to explore the ways technology is transforming everyday life. Never have we had so much to say, and never have we had so much fun doing what we do.”

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