Teletrax Moves Into Advertising, DR Shop To Track And Verify Ad Buys

The California-based direct response media buying firm, Mercury Media, announced on Thursday that it has inked an agreement with Teletrax, the London-based video broadcast monitoring and asset management service, to electronically trace airings of its direct response television advertisements.

A subsidiary of Medialink Worldwide Incorporated, Teletrax inserts digital watermarks into video when it is edited, transmitted, broadcast, or duplicated, thus providing information to help track the dissemination of a product to advertisers and marketers.

Mercury Media specializes in short-form commercials--generally between 10 and 120 seconds in length--and longer infomercials for companies such as Time-Life and Guthy-Renker, among others. The new deal will see Teletrax monitoring broadcast television and cable airings of Mercury Media advertisements in 100 television markets.

Also on Thursday, Teletrax announced that it was selecting Dennis P. O'Hara as U.S. East Coast sales manager and Emmanuel Josserand as marketing manager.



O'Hara previously served as director of sales for Media DVX, a division of Lenfest Media Group, while Josserand's previous position was that of European business manager for the multimedia imaging technology company ArcSoft.

Teletrax's parent company, Medialink Worldwide Incorporated, made public its second-quarter earnings this week, reporting $9.22 million in revenue compared to $9.8 million for the same quarter in 2004.

Part of the decline in revenue was attributed to a rise in selling, general, and administrative expenses, which increased by $807,000 when compared with the same time period in 2004.

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