Vote For A Referendum You Won't See On The Ballot Next Week

Since this is the last official weekly Red, White & Blog before Election Day, let me use it to make an appeal for everyone to vote -- and to use it as a referendum of which kind of America you want to live in. If you like the one we are becoming, vote for the status quo. If you oppose it, vote for change.

This is not about partisan party politics. It’s about the future of our country. Do you want to live in a country where one party and its President has virtually unchecked political power? Or do you want to live in one that reestablishes the kind of checks and balances the framers intended?

I’m in favor of the second kind, and the events of the past week lead me to believe that we may to have another opportunity. Things are escalating fast, and the massacre at the Tree of Life synagogue Saturday has fundamentally changed the way I think about this country.

As a third-generation American Jew, I’ve experienced my share of anti-Semitism, but at least I knew I lived in a country where people weren’t killed just because they were Jewish. I can no longer say that.

That’s my appeal for this last official weekly blog before Election Day. Please vote -- and use your vote as a referendum for the kind of country you want America to be.



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