'California Sunday,' Google Pixel Collaborate On Special Issue, Photography Exhibit

Photojournalism has kicked it up a notch — technically.

California Sunday has always been known for its photography-centric editorial. The December issue features photo essays featuring Westerners in the places they consider home. The publication has doubled-down on its photographic legacy and partnered with Google Pixel.

Ads taken with a Pixel camera will roll out across four pages of the December print issue and be featured across the publications website and social-media accounts. Google ads focus on the home theme; Google is the exclusive photography sponsor of the issue.

Other ads for the issue include Marriott Traveler, MailChimp, City Ventures, Charles Schwab, and Nest. Ad spend was not revealed.



The issue extends beyond the parameters of its printed pages. An exhibit, called At Home: In the American West, will coincide with its release at Aperture in New York. The exhibit, running from December 6-January 4, 2019, is sponsored by Google Pixel and will also feature print versions of the Pixel 3 ads.

Chas Edwards, The California Sunday Magazine publisher, told Publishing Insider: “We’re delighted to have Google Pixel as the exclusive sponsor of At Home, our exhibit at Aperture that invites our readers to walk inside the newest issue of The California Sunday Magazine. With the launch of the Google Pixel 3, they've built a camera that aligns well with our first gallery show.”

The show will also feature a behind-the-scenes look at how the latest issue of California Sunday came together and the photography taken with the camera by the #pixelnofilter community.

The theme of At Home centers on homesteaders living west of the Rocky Mountains. They speak about what their homes and the idea of home mean to them. The photos will be accompanied by audio elements.

The issue and exhibit mark the second time the publication has worked with Google. Previously, the publication and the tech giant collaborated on a video series called “California Inspires Me.”

At Home: In the American West runs at Aperture from December 6 through January 4.

Conde Nast has also featured covers taken by the Pixel 3’s camera across seven of its November magazine covers, the company’s biggest simultaneous cover campaign.

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