Email Aesthetics: Consumers Want Emails That Fit Their Mobile Screens, Study Shows

Forward this to your art department.

250ok and Lab42 have come out with a study titled What Recipients Really Think About Your Marketing Email Designs. It shows that many consumers are far from happy. 

Didn't think consumers notice email design? Of the email recipients polled, 32% are indifferent to — or dissatisfied with — the design of the emails in their inbox.

In addition, 39% overall feel that marketing emails are not well designed for their smartphone screens. This is seen as an issue by 29% of the millennials and 25.3% of the GenXers.

Why is this important? Because 68.9% view marketing emails on a phone two to three days a week. Breaking it down, 52.4% view marketing emails two to three days a week on Android and 34.% on iPhone.

Moreover, readability is poor -- especially for people in the upper age ranges: 32.4% of 55+ consumers say it needs improvement.

Overall, 93% deem it important that emails be clear to read and easy to navigate. That includes 72.8% of the GenXers and 64.6% of boomers.



And 82.7% of millennials say design is somewhat or very important in making an email exciting to read. 

In general, 25.6% of boomers say a brand’s email design “is directly related to how well know them.” Also, 21.9% of the GenXers feel that way, and 18.1% of millennials.

Which email services do they use? 

Gmail is the winner overall, used by 83.5% of the millennials, 71.6% of GenXers and 56% of boomers. 

In contrast, Yahoo is chosen by only 29.1% of millennials, 41.9% of GenXers and 37.8% of boomers.

Outlook has even lower numbers: It is utilized by 25.3% of millennials, 21.3% of GenXers and 24.3% of boomers. 

Meanwhile, 73.5% view marking emails two to three days or more on Google Chrome.

Android seems to be most popular with GenXers — 61.8% use it, vs. 31.7% or iPhone. Boomers also prefer it.  

The study shows that roughly 70% in all age groups receive marketing emails two to three times a week or more.



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