SheKnows Media Rebrands As SHE Media, Shares 'Business of Influence' Research

Just months after launching its SHE Media Partner Network at the #BlogHer18 Creators Summit in August, SheKnows Media has rebranded itself as SHE Media, unveiling a new logo and color scheme. 

Samantha Skey, CEO, SHE Media felt it was a bold, necessary step following the launch of the company’s SHE Media Partner Network at the summit.

SHE Media, which counts approximately 60 million unique visitors each month, per comScore, and has 350 million-plus social media fans and followers, has turned its SHE Media Partner Network into a robust marketplace of 1,000 members that connects influencers and creators with top advertisers.

The Partner Network focuses — but not exclusively — on mid-sized specialty influencers with highly engaged audiences that range from 10,000 to 50,000 follows in total social-reach range.

Content creators within the Partner Network have the opportunity to work with brands like Coca-Cola, Walmart, Kraft, Hormel, Facebook, Loreal,  Unilever, Fox, Disney. They also have access to SHE Media’s ad product team, which introduces ad innovation and provides best practices in digital advertising.



To help creators diversify revenue, SHE Media offers members access to its ad product portfolio, which provides a range of services including media, brand content, consumer insights, ecommerce and participation at live events.

“In addition to optimizing influencers and publishers’ advertiser offerings, we work with our content partners to build their audiences in both breadth and depth,” Skey told Publishers Daily. “Building our partners reach and engagement creates greater earning for them and for us.”

Surveying a sample of 300 bloggers and media influencers, nearly 70% of respondents confirmed they rely on SHE Media to grow brand partnership, while 90% of respondents showed interest in paid sponsorships and branded content opportunities. Also, 55% of respondents regularly participate in those activities, and 84% run ads on their blog or website or plan to.

Among respondents, 94% said they’re always looking for tools and resources to manage their business and 91% seek guidance to expand their brand.

“We invest in the creators who are inspiring and educating their audiences while also challenging the status quo.” Skey said, “Our mission to build up women’s leadership and increase the number of women-led businesses aligns perfectly with our partner network strategy. We need a community of content creators to capture the tapestry of perspectives that exemplify our complex and beautiful society.”

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