Fearless Girl Uprooted (Temporarily, We Think)

“Fearless Girl,” the bronze sculpture commissioned by State Street Global Advisors that became an almost overnight symbol for the gender-equality movement last year, thanks in large part to an award-winning campaign devised by Interpublic ad agency McCann, is on the move. 

She was removed from her spot in the Bowling Green section of downtown New York on Tuesday night, according to a bulletin issued by City and SSGA officials Wednesday morning. She is to be relocated to a place in front of the New York Stock Exchange by the end of the year, although the timing is not certain. 

For the better part of two years, the statue has stood yards away from and staring down the iconic Wall Street “Charging Bull” sculpture. The symbolism couldn’t be missed: Female empowerment challenging the male-dominated and, let’s face it, often sexist, business leadership community. 

According to reports, the bull sculpture may be relocating as well, although its destination is unclear. 



The Bowling Green location was never intended to be permanent and initially was only scheduled for a couple of weeks. But "FG" struck a chord so quickly and deeply that plans changed. She even became a symbol for gun reform earlier this month when activists placed a bulletproof vest on the sculpture, declaring: “She can’t be fearless if she can’t go to school,” a reference to the Parkland, Florida, school shooting. 

It’s amazing the stir that can be caused by an inanimate object. Awareness, controversy conversation, maybe even a progressive social movement. 

That is, with the right marketing plan behind it.





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