Reuters Braces For Layoffs, McClatchy To Slash Printing Jobs At 'Tacoma News Tribune'

This week Reuters and McClatchy both announced major cuts to arms of their companies, expected to impact employees through 2019 and 2020.

McClatchy’s Tacoma News Tribune is set to lay off dozens of employees in the new year as it continues with its plan to outsource its printing and ad insert services to outside companies. According to The Seattle Times, the paper will lose 67 of its printing jobs by February 3 and will continue to cut positions through September 1.

This is just another round of layoffs for the paper, which has experienced both layoffs and buyouts in an effort to decrease costs.

Approximately 26 of those laid off are full-time staffers. The remainder are part-time.

Reuters is bracing for a much bigger round of layoffs. The company reported today that it plans to lay off 12% of its workforce -- or 3,200 jobs -- by 2020 as part of a plan to reduce costs and streamline the company.



The company has not commented on where those cuts will come from, but stated that 90% of those losing their employment have been notified. In addition to the pending layoffs, the company will close 30% of its international offices, with a planned 133 locations remaining by 2020.

Just yesterday, the company cut more than a dozen workers from its news service, per a report by The Wrap.

According to Reuters, its news service makes up 6% of its sales, but is still a major point of interest, particularly to Reuters’ new president of news and media operations Michael Friedenberg, who joined the company yesterday.

CEO Jim Smith stated “We believe he can make Reuters News an even greater part of our growth story going forward.”

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