IGTV for B2B Marketers

Instagram now has 1 billion users, one of the most popular social networks in the world, according to Patrick Foster in Sales and Marketing Management. While it may be known for its popularity among celebrity influencers, says the report, it also is an important channel for brands that use it to advertise their products. And, Instagram recently announced a new service: IGTV (Instagram TV).

Launched on June 20, IGTV allows users to upload longer videos (up to an hour) and share them with followers. In this way, it is being compared to YouTube, but there is a lot that separates it from the original video streaming service. For starters, it has been specially designed for content to be viewed on phones, so all videos are oriented vertically. With no need to rotate the screen here, phone viewers can stay more engaged in the app, says the report.

IGTV’s most obvious benefit for B2B marketers, says the report, is that it allows for longer videos. No longer is one restricted to uploading 10-second Instagram stories, and there are numerous possibilities now presented to B2B marketers. The “Following” tab makes it easy for people to discover your latest content. You can publish videos regularly and your followers can get alerts when you do. 

Anything that strengthens the relationship between your brand and your customer base will prove invaluable in the long run, concludes the report.

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