Energizer Claims Guinness Record For Longest-Lasting AA. . . But

Just in time for the holidays, Energizer batteries announced earlier this month that it now holds the Guinness Worlds Record for the “longest-lasting AA battery.”

However, since "Energizer is the first to achieve the record title for this particular category,”  it did not beat any other AA battery that holds an existing record, a Guinness spokesperson has confirmed.

And any competitor hoping to break that record might have a problem. Despite repeated requests from Marketing Daily, representatives for Guinness and Energizer Holdings wouldn’t say just how long the record-setting Energizer AA battery actually lasted.

So the fact behind this record is as fuzzy as an Energizer bunny’s tail.

According to Energizer, “After rigorous testing of its product against others available in the market, Energizer’s battery performance in numerous real-world situations from digital cameras and toys to lighting and audio devices outlasted the competition across the board.  Once testing was complete, the data was sent to Guinness World Records for verification and it was confirmed that the Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA battery was in fact, the longest-lasting!”



Asked to elaborate, a spokesperson this week wrote, “Energizer set the record… We do not have further data around the battery testing to share.”

Guinness added a few details. The battery achieved an approved average performance score of 229.69, in tests performed by Intertek Semko AB, in Kista, Sweden, on 12 October 2018.To achieve this record, Energizer was tested against other AA-size lithium battery competitors in the market.”

Asked to explain what a 229.69 rating meant, another Guinness spokesperson said, “The number listed within the record text is called the ‘average performance score.’ This is score is given to the battery after performing multiple tests under various situations.” But Guinness did not answer what that score compares to other batteries.

Nonetheless, consumers can use their Energizer AA batteries to power what are probably the World’s Greatest Holiday Gifts.

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