SmarterHQ Launches Cross-Channel Personalization Tool

SmarterHQ, a behavioral marketing platform provider, has launched Profile Data Collect, a service that it says allows brands to combine CRM, persona, loyalty and behavioral data to drive cross-channel personalization.

The objective is to “solve marketers’ struggles with leveraging key customer data into actionable campaigns and integrating data across internal systems and vendor solutions,” states Craig Sturgis, VP of product for SmarterHQ.

Profile Data Collect can also fuel VIP messaging, persona-based content, membership renewals, loyalty-tier alerts and rewards, the company claims. 

It also allows email marketers to act on internal-created data points, including “personas and scores without heavily involving their IT, BI or data science teams,” Sturgis adds. 

The company also offers Customer Identity Resolution, a product that helps marketers identify and segment audiences.



One SmarterHQ client, Sam’s Club, has piloted Profile Data Collect, which associates membership data with online and offline behavior.  

Victor Chemtob, director of CRM & customer engagement for Sam’s Club, says the company has migrated its membership campaigns from an ESP-based solution to Profile Data Collect and is now seeing increases in revenue and engagement. 



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