Boost Your ROI With Improved Facebook Ad Placements

When implemented correctly, Facebook ads can be an ROI juggernaut. And placing your ads correctly is crucial for creating campaigns that convert. To get the best results for the lowest possible cost, it’s important to understand how Facebook’s algorithm optimizes. 

Facebook constantly innovates and updates its algorithm to give both publishers and users a great experience. And Facebook’s algorithm wants you to do well. When your campaign succeeds, Facebook earns more revenue. Opting into as many placements as possible maximizes your ad’s performance and ensures your users receive relevant ads at the right time.

Better Placements, Better Results

Facebook’s advertising marketplace is competitive. Placements make it easier for your ad to stand out and win more auctions, especially if you’re using placements other brands in your niche aren’t, like Audience Network.



Let’s look at key placement options for optimizing your campaign. 

1. Mobile and Desktop Feeds

These are the most basic placements available on Facebook, and typically represent the majority of your impression share and results. While competition for these limited placements is high, they tend to have the best performance.  

2. Audience Network

If you like running ads with Google Display Network, you’ll love Facebook’s Audience Network. This network shows your ads on third-party apps and sites through video, native, and banners. Audience Network is a great way to reduce your cost per click (CPC), but doesn’t always have the highest conversion volume. If you choose this placement, just remember it will only play a small part in your campaign’s success.

3. Instagram Feed and Stories

Facebook offers ad placements on millennial and Gen Z social media favorite Instagram. Choose between feed or Stories placements. Instagram’s feed ads function similarly to Facebook feed ads, while Stories ads are vertically formatted images or videos up to 15 seconds in length.

4. Automatic Placements

Facebook’s Automatic Placements uses its data and real-time user insights to give you the most bang for your buck, optimizing ads across all placements to attract the highest-quality user at the lowest cost based on your campaign’s objective.

Facebook shares this example on its site: You’re running automatic placements for Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network. You pay $3 on average per event, but you’re alarmed because you see your CPC for Instagram is so high.

However, when Instagram is turned off and you target only Audience Network and Facebook, the average cost goes up to $3.25 each. You pay more and get less exposure.

You might pay a little more for specific placements, but you’ll see an overall increase in conversions and decrease in cost with Automatic Placements.

The Bottom Line

Ad placements are all about experimentation. To find what works best for your audience, select all placements. Over time, Facebook will help you optimize your campaigns to reach your ideal audience. This will help you see a real ROI with smarter placements.

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  1. Keith Huntoon from LiftEngine, February 21, 2019 at 2:23 p.m.

    Hi Josh.  I agree FB is a fantastic platform and can drive meaningful ROAS.  If your using basic KPI's such as impressions, CPC and others, your tactic might work.  However, if you're looking at financial KPI's such as CPA, AOV, CLTV, etc. and unwilling to rely 100% on FB pixel attribution, advertisers are far better off with controlled tests and independent analysis of placements, creative, ad type, audience, etc. I just can't get my head around using FB's black box for audience selection, placement optimization, media buying, campaign reporting and attribution. Way too much trust without verification.

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