New Attribution Tool Tracks Metrics At The Account Level

Engagio, a provider of account-based software, has added what it calls Engagement Minute Attribution to Dash, its B2B attribution tool.

The new service helps firms analyze the impact of marketing and sales activity across all touchpoints, the company says. It also evaluates performance based on time spent.

Engagio contends that most attribution products only track marketing. 

“Traditional marketing attribution tools have been a good first step, but they have left out the impact of sales and sales development, which are essential in Account Based Marketing and outbound models.,” states Jon Miller, founder and CEO of Engagio. 

Miller adds, however, that marketing “has shifted from being perceived as the arts and crafts department to a real revenue driver.” 

According to Engagio, the new capabilities allow marketers to align analytics and attribution at the account level; compare the impact of web visits, intent data and sales calls and meetings; and measure business outcomes, both pre- and post-purchase.



Marchex, a provider of  call analytics and tracking, has obtained a “holistic viewpoint” of what works, state Jana Grube, demand generation leader at Marchex. 

With Engagement Minute Attribution, “we have had the ability to understand which marketing programs are working and where we should invest more,” Grube adds.



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