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P&G, The Impresario: Olay To Debut Off-Broadway Musical, Febreze Drops Album

To those  who think that entertainment business has just gotten too commercial, stick these news items in your file:

-- Procter & Gamble just released an “eight-track album” of downloadable songs, titled “The Freshness,”  extolling the fragrance of its Febreze products. Febreze songs have been a staple of the brand’s social media and radio campaigns since 2015.

-- P&G’s Olay will mount an off-Broadway musical, “Olay Live: The Road to Glow” on April 9 at New World Stages in New York.

Set in the “Land of Glow,” the Olay wonderland, the play features a heroine with dull skin named Steph and her friends, who all need the help of the Skin Advisor to enter the gates of Glow.

Skin Advisor is Olay’s  online platform that lets a woman have her selfie analyzed via smartphone by Olay, which then will recommend products for her to use.



Fans can win tickets via a contest sponsored by P&G.

The play comes after Olay scored a social media hit with its two-minute miniplay, “Can’t Wait to Wash My Face: The Musical.”

Social media was the inspiration behind the Febreze album, too. P&G took notice when it began seeing comments from viewers about the need for an album to hold the best of the songs.

“Febreze is taking the idea of ‘freshness’ - a topic we are very passionate about -- into the category of music, using this campaign to serve as a catalyst for ‘all things fresh,’” said Martin Hettich, vice president of P&G home care North America.

Most of the original songs are nonetheless familiar-sounding, infused with lyrics that are (intentionally) hilarious.

A new song for the album, the hip-hop  “Nobody Does It Fresher,” includes these lyrics:

“Been all around the world and nobody do it fresher
They all seem to try but nobody do it better
They maskin’ the smell with some scent of some weather
But Febreze eliminates the smell altogether.”

The album will feature such popular Febrezian hits as “Let’s Go,” “#5 With Fries” and the ballad “I Love You, But Sometimes You Stink.”

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