Litmus Partners With Asana On Email Workflow

Email platform Litmus has formed a partnership with Asana, supplier of a work management app, to help marketers integrate their email workflow into the overall creative process.

The arrangement enables teams to “streamline their workflow, improve collaboration, and send quality emails at scale,” states Erik Nierenberg, CEO of Litmus.

"Getting a great email out the door is a complex process that requires managing a broad range of tasks, deliverables, and stakeholders,” he adds.

The partnership with Litmus supports Asana for Marketing and Creative Teams, Asana's new creative management tool. Asana is also partnering with Adobe and Slack or new program.

According to Litmus, the partnership will allow marketers to integrate email creation into larger marketing projects; streamline email project status updates and communication with stakeholders; and gain visibility into the status of email projects.

Tyler Hanlon, email marketing manager at CJ Affiliate, sees the combined offering as an efficient way to check renderings, links, loading speed, and more, which streamlines the company's processes and saves time

Nierenberg adds that “nearly 70%1 of brands use project management tools to help deal with the complexity of email campaign creation.”

Litmus recently announced a partnership with Slack, in which Slack adds communications capabilities to Litmus’s email creation, testing and analytics services.



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