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  • by August 22, 2005
Sure, you've heard that Google is on a hiring tear seeking scientists but also sales and marketing minds. But did you know that Microsoft's MSN is also making a huge push for marketing talent?

We checked in with Eric Hadley, director of marketing for MSN, to find out what's going on there. MSN's laser-like focus on paid search, and the deployment of its adCenter product, the pay-per-click search platform that's being tested in France and Singapore, have sparked a hiring spree. While there is no specific date for adCenter's launch in the United States, MSN is working like crazy to prepare for it.

MSN is looking for marketing talent, ostensibly for these initiatives, but beyond that, to support all of Microsoft's ad-supported businesses, according to Hadley who now has 60 people reporting to him.

Among the titles MSN is scouting for: Marketing Manager, MSN Search; Marketing Manager, MSN; Marketing Manager, MSN Trade Marketing; CRM Group Manager; Group Manager Industry Marketing; Field Marketing Manager; Industry Marketing Manager; Training Manager; Training Specialist; and Group Manager MSN Advertising.

The hiring, Hadley says, is "related to adCenter, plus paid search is entirely new." As MSN hires more salespeople, marketing support is necessary. It's also something of a recruitment drive for Microsoft at large, not only MSN, as the company continues to develop advertising opportunities that are technology-generated.

"We need people to make the site better, to show what's going on with us and the industry," he says, adding, "We want to hire people who understand the media and advertising space and we'll need them across Microsoft."

So, check out this link, which is a clearinghouse for all advertising-related jobs at Microsoft. To touch base directly with Hadley, write to:

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