'Dwell' Partners With Curacity To Monetize Hotel Content

Architecture and design magazine Dwell has partnered with Curacity to help monetize its hotel content.

Dwell’s editorial team will continue to cover hotels with full independence, according to the two companies. 

With this new deal, if Dwell writes about one of the 200+ boutique and luxury hotels partnered with Curacity, a travel-focused, data analytics company, and a reader books that hotel within 12 months of reading that article, those conversions will be converted into a commission for Dwell.

“Being able to seamlessly measure how our editorial coverage converts to commerce is a game changer for any publisher or editor,” stated Dwell CRO Nicole Wolfgram.

This is Curacity’s first product-to-market, called Omni-channel Revenue Attribution (ORA).



Curacity says the technology behind ORA enables Dwell to measure “the full financial impact of their content in a way that drives incremental, scalable revenue,” according to a statement.

“We’ve built proprietary technology that allows us to absorb consumer engagement signals with hotel-focused content, and the associated encrypted PII [personally identifiable information],” Nick Slavin, president-cofounder of Curacity, explained to Publishers Daily.

“Simultaneously, our technology stack connects to hotel partners’ backend guest-tracking systems and allows it to see encrypted consumer information,” he added. “Its attribution engine then uses the two feeds to see who read about a particular hotel and then actually booked a room at the property based on that specific piece of content.”

This creates a financial feedback loop for publishers and hotels, Slavin said. Dwell’s hotel content turns into “a distribution channel for the hotels being featured.”

On average, publishers working with Curacity for one year have tripled their hotel editorial coverage as a result of increased revenue from this type of partnership, per the company.

“Publishers need to continue to innovate monetization strategies, and we are constantly developing and trying new products and partnerships that deliver value to our audience while unlocking new streams of revenue,” Wolfgram told Publishers Daily.

Curacity works with a dozen other publishers, including Conde Nast Traveler, AFAR, Fathom and Travel Curator.

Curacity also recently launched a product that measures which Instagram influencers' posts translate into bookings and revenue for a hotel.  

This product will eventually expand to measure the way publishers’ Instagram accounts drive hotel bookings.

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