BBH Loses Battle With SAG-AFTRA

In the wake of SAG-AFTRA’s favorable ruling before an administrative law judge with National Labor Relations Board, the actor’s union and Publicis Groupe’s BBH have tentatively agreed to a new commercials contract. 

The agreement is subject to approval by the NLRB. If approved, BBH will produce all its commercials under the new contract, providing union wages and pension and health contributions to performers. 

The deal would also end a 10-month-long strike by SAG-AFTRA against the agency.  

Last year, BBH served SAG-AFTRA with notice of its intent to withdraw as a signatory to the contracts. In response, SAG-AFTRA filed an unfair labor practice charge with the NLRB and called a strike against the agency. 

In May, an administrative law judge ruled against BBH and ordered BBH to both recognize SAG-AFTRA as the representative of commercial performers and negotiate with the union. 

“Our goal from the start was to produce high-level, cutting-edge creative work for our clients on a level playing field in a fast-evolving industry,” stated Brett Edgar, managing director of BBH NY. “We lost the battle, will respect the ruling and move on."  

“We are pleased to welcome BBH back to the SAG-AFTRA family,” added David White, national executive director of SAG-AFTRA.





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