Marketing Today: PeerNova's Navid Jafari On Blockchain, B2B Influencers

This week on “Marketing Today,”I interview Navid Jafari  director of marketing and corporate communications at PeerNova,  a blockchain and fintech solution provider to the financial services industry. This was the first of three episodes recorded at Incite Group’s Brand Marketing Summit in San Francisco.

Jafari discusses what blockchain is and how it is being leveraged. He also talks about the podcast that he has launched with PeerNova about all things blockchain, called "Chain in the Valley."



Jafari on blockchain: "Foundationally, it brings a level of trust to the database or application you are building.” Still, “in order for blockchain to have any value, you need to couple that with things like cloud technology or things like big data technology."

Discussing influencer marketing, Jafari says, “I think what is key about influencer marketing is that it adds credibility to your brand.”

Jafari also shares a very personal story and transformative experience, which should make us all reflect.

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today":

  • Navid Jafari introduces himself and explains his career evolution. (01:35)
  • What exactly is blockchain and what is it not? (02:28)
  • What are the dos and don'ts of B2B marketing influencers? (06:51)
  • An influencer doesn’t have to be a person, it can be a brand itself. (09:45)
  • Where does Jafari find influencers in the B2B world? (10:46)
  • How do you engage with influencers? (12:39)
  • Has PeerNova been able to create mutually advantageous partnerships? (14:49)
  • Don’t try to micromanage influencers. (16:55)
  • Has there been an experience in Jafari's past that made him who he is today? (17:49)
  • What drives Jafari these days? (21:14)
  • According to Jafari, what companies, brands, or organizations should marketers should pay attention to? (21:39)

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