Tribune Works With BounceX To Add New Subscribers

Tribune Publishing worked with cloud-based behavioral marketing and analytics software company BounceX to identify more onsite visitors and serve them personalized campaigns to convert them into paying subscribers.

The partnership led to more subscriptions, a larger list of newsletter e-mails and an increase in ad monetization.

Specifically, Tribune Publishing had an average monthly $38,000 net ad revenue, 30,000 newsletter opt-ins and 1,800 new subscriptions, as a result of the partnership.

“The publishing industry has changed dramatically in recent years,” stated Mark Campbell, CMO at Tribune. He noted BounceX helped the publisher “make technical changes" to assist its ad revenue, audience development and consumer marketing capabilities.



While Tribune Publishing has a team of data scientists, the company “wanted additional data that was both real-time and actionable,” according to a case study provided by BounceX. 

Tribune “wanted a way to bring customer data to life to make it persist across devices, browsers and sessions to help build a better UX and push readers down the conversion funnel.”

BounceX helped Tribune determine which campaigns to show which users, based on current and historical behaviors.

“High-intent” readers who wouldn't convert onsite were served personalized emails to drive them back to the site to convert. “One-and-done” traffic, on the other hand, is monetized through an ad channel.

Tribune focused on eight properties with this partnership, including the Chicago Tribune and NY Daily News.

In May, Tribune announced its digital-only subscribers had increased 45% to 283,000 at the end of the first quarter 2019, up from 195,000 at the end of the first quarter 2018.
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