Twitter Launches Second Agency Playbook

Twitter is introducing the second Agency Playbook to provide agencies with helpful tips and guidance to more effectively use the social-media platform. It also serves as a good touchpoint to unpack the latest challenges in Adland through the lens of Twitter.

"Just as many parents are taking their kids back to school, we thought it was the perfect time to release our new agency playbook," says Doug Brodman, U.S. agency development director, Twitter. "With the holidays and 2020 planning around the corner, we want to ensure that Twitter's best practices are top of mind."

The book includes key information on Twitter's placement in the advertising landscape, as well as broader information, such as the importance of a combined organic and paid strategy and data-backed statistics to help readers understand how to make a good profile and a tweet.



"We have deep dives on targeting, really helpful specs for ad creative, and a chapter on understanding analytics," adds Broadman.

Although the first book was primarily designed to help agencies better navigate the platform, this second edition encourages them to push campaigns outside of the expected and traditional.

"We want this playbook to be not only tactical, but something that people can refer to for inspiration. Twitter is all about creativity," says Brodman. "We’ve included a bunch of anecdotes from real advertisers as well."

Here is a link to the new edition:

Twitter released another playbook last year under the title "Workbook for Live-Tweeting."

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