Havas Launches Sports 'Fan Relationship Management' Model: Leverages Blockchain To Tokenize Swag, Content Experiences

In what may be the most material applications of blockchain technology by a major ad agency holding company to date, Havas Group’s Havas Sports & Entertainment unit this morning announced a deal with H2O FinTech to license a “direct-to-fan” blockchain application to create a secure system for managing sports consumer relationships.

Dubbed a “fan relationship management” (FRM) solution, the system leverages blockchain infrastructure to create a direct connection between sports rights holders and their fans.

“Fans can now be rewarded for ‘being a fan’,” the Havas unit states, explaining, “Their social media engagement and digital actions (games, quizzes, etc) are granted with rights holders’ branded tokens based on a private blockchain – and not a cryptocurrency – through the free and simple creation of an e-wallet.”

The tokenized credits accrued by fans can be “converted into real consumer goods,” including exclusive content and experiences that “money can’t buy.”



The new FRM program also will enable fans to “swap” tokens they’ve accrued with other fans, effectively creating a new, secondary transactional marketplace of sports swag-related inventory.

While the announcement does not detail how third-party brands can leverage the program, Havas says “sponsors can also participate to this program and create a new form of relationship between the brand and the users, in the same digital environment.”

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