'Pittsburgh Post-Gazette' Transitions To Digital-Only, Pares Print Delivery To 3 Days

Beginning this week, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette will only deliver print copies on Thursday, Friday and Sunday, as it transitions to a digital-only newspaper.

The paper will publish digital issues on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. The Weekend Edition is available in stores on Saturday.

“We believe that e-delivery of the news is faster and more user-friendly than print delivery and allows us to give the reader more news in more ways than ever before. It is a superior means of delivery for what we intend to be, an even better and more in-depth journalistic product,” John Robinson Block, editor-in-chief of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote in a post on the paper’s website, titled “A new era at the Post-Gazette.”



This move was teased earlier this summer.

The Current obtained a letter from senior HR manager Linda Guest, where she noted the paper’s unions had been informed that “additional print days will be eliminated in 2019... as it continues the transition to a digital-only newspaper.”

Last June, the Post-Gazette eliminated Tuesday and Saturday print editions.

“We believe the future is digital,” Allan Block, chairman of parent company Block Communications, said at the time. “We are maintaining our news department and the quality of the Post-Gazette. We have no plans to cut back our commitment. We will remain flexible as to how we implement the digital future, based on local competitive and market developments.”

Subscribers now can subscribe to the “Weekender” plan, which includes digital access along with Thursday, Friday and Sunday home delivery of the print edition. 

Subscribers can also choose the “Sunday Only” plan, which includes digital access and Sunday-only home delivery.

The Post-Gazette says it will offer expanded print editions, including a larger Food & Flavor section and Weekend Magazine, on Thursdays. 

Every Sunday, the Post-Gazette will feature a supplement of a week’s worth of comics and puzzles.

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