New California Walnut Campaign Goes For Emotional Connection

The California Walnut Board (CWB) and agency EvansHardy+Young are evolving the nut group's messaging to a more lifestyle-focused creative strategy than in years past.

“California walnuts are not just in the business of food, but in making an emotional connection with our audiences through cooking, eating, and enjoying," explains Jennifer Williams, marketing director, domestic advertising, CWB. She adds that previous campaigns focused on promoting the functionality of walnuts, their versatility and added health benefits as an ingredient. 

"This new campaign is a shift toward appealing to consumers on a more emotional level -- portraying walnuts in a relatable way," she says.

The "Life Isn’t Always Simple" creative is designed to reflect everyday moments. The spots open with millennial-aged adults encountering situations like dressing a son in pajamas when it's picture day or having a daughter ask where babies come from, then realizing they can "win" their day by providing walnuts in meals.



Sample the work here and here.

The year-long integrated campaign is designed to garner 3.7 million impressions across the U.S., reports the CWB. 

The push kicks off with national print and digital ads and six TV spots. There will also be editorial integrations, social activations, blog posts, and influencer programs to showcase how walnuts can help "create simple satisfaction."

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