Other Than That, Mrs. Trump, How Was The Game?

As far as photo ops go, in hindsight, it was probably a bad idea to have the President take a bow during game five of the World Series Sunday night. Not since the United Nation’s General Assembly laughed at him during his September 2018 speech, was the President subject to as much public ridicule in an unfiltered rally-like environment.

While many high-fived the World Series crowd’s ridiculing of the President -- including boos, chants of “lock him up, lock him up,” and “impeachment” banners hanging in the bleachers that were televised worldwide -- some pundits called it un-American.



A majority (57%) of Americans surveyed by Pollfish for Research Intelligencer Monday morning agreed it was “inappropriate,” while more than a quarter (27%) deemed it “appropriate.”

While two-thirds (64%) said it had no effect, 23% said it made them feel more supportive of the President, while 13% said they felt less support.

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