'The New Yorker' Ups Digital Crossword Offerings With New Cryptic Series

The New Yorkerhas steadily built its crossword portfolio over the past few years.

In 2018, the outlet launched its first American-style crossword puzzle, publishing new ones each Monday. Then, in spring of 2019, a weekend crossword joined.

Now, The New Yorker is adding an old-favorite to those offerings with its digitized cryptic series.

The cryptic crossword first appeared in the magazine’s print magazine from 1997-1999 and features clues arranged as small puzzles themselves.

“We were pleasantly surprised by how well these puzzles have aged — they remain a smooth, albeit challenging, solve,” Liz Maynes-Aminzade, The New Yorker’s puzzles and games editor, stated. “You don't need to be versed in late-'90s arcana to crack them, since the clues rely on wordplay.”



Currently, five cryptics are available online. Starting in December, a cryptic puzzle is slated to publish every Sunday.

Since introducing its multiple crossword series, The New Yorker has launched a newsletter alerting readers to new games. It has also published videos, tips and FAQs easing users into digital word play.

Users can access the new crosswords in newyorker.com and in the New Yorker Today app.

Digital crosswords have proven valuable to another publisher, The New York Times, over the past couple of years, as well.  

In its 2019 Q3 report, The New York Times revealed it now has 4 million digital subscribers. While 3 million of those subscribers come from its news product, the remaining million are culled from its Crossword and Cooking subscription products.

Last spring, New York also launched a digital crossword feature. The puzzle posts each Sunday night and is available on the magazine’s website, across mobile and desktop devices.

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